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Human Hedge Fund!

We are the first one introducing the model of Human Hedge Fund where your highest
return on investment is coming from placing your unique potential in action. Designed to discover your uniqueness and to have a career/business by design and not by default.

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My passion is working with top executives and teams across multiple industries. I am an advocate in harnessing the power of continuous learning and growth. I am a 360º development COACH who can ask the right questions, act as a career consultant, and help you design a clear path towards your goal and serve as a supportive MENTOR to cheer you on every step of the way.

Natasa Kragolnik

Bespoke Executive Coach and Consultant,

Innovator in Personal Branding in the C-Suite


Fortunat People empowers individuals and businesses to unlock their full potential through strategic leadership development, cultivating personal value and achieving stellar career success.

Elevate LAB

Human Hedge Found

You Lead

Custom Based Products for Companies

Consultancy Services: Employee Engagement, Outplacement



Browse through collection of insightful articles and learn about various topics that can help you unleash your full potential. From discovering your strengths to identifying new opportunities for growth, the articles provide valuable insights on personal and professional development. Read up on my thoughts and gain inspiration to pursue your passions and achieve your goals.



Do you know YOUR Market Value?

As a professional, you need to know your market value. How can you have confidence in the skills and abilities that drive your success if you don't know what they're worth? In this post I'll show you why knowing your market value is so important, and how to start thinking about it today.


How to break through limiting beliefs

We all have beliefs that hold us back. It could be a belief about our abilities, our relationships, money or something else. These beliefs are often formed when we are young and don't reflect who we are at all as adults.

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