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Clarity on creating your own personal brand

How to position yourself on the job market

Regain your self-confidence

Create a personal strategy for career progression

Increase your income

The Benefits of my Coaching Services

Discover your essence, define your uniqueness, and craft a personal brand that speaks volumes.

Stand out from the crowd by strategically positioning yourself for success in the job market.

Rediscover your inner strength and reclaim your self-confidence.

Chart your path to career advancement with a personalized strategy for continuous growth and progression.

Elevate your income potential with effective strategies for financial growth.



Support system for 100+ top leaders in fast-track development

Outstanding awards  for Top Performer, Rewording & Recognition, Diversity & Inclusion

Expertise in HR processes (inside out understanding)

Experience with board of director workflow

10,000+ hours of coaching experience with senior leaders


Hi there! I`m Natasha, founder of Fortunat People. Our company empowers individuals and businesses to unlock their full potential through strategic leadership development, cultivating personal value, and achieving stellar career success.


I specialize in helping leaders to discover their unique value and elevate their leadership skills to confidently make an impact. I believe in the power of human connection to drive positive change, and my goal is to help individuals unlock their true potential and live their best lives every day.


With over 20 years of experience as a People & Organization Leader and with a track record of success in global organizations like Novartis and Sandoz, I have held leadership roles in various HR functions across multiple regions, including Europe, MEA, India, and Switzerland. I`ve successfully led global companies through change management, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic growth initiatives. My expertise lies in helping leaders find their voice, develop new skills and strategies, build trust and confidence in themselves, and align their goals with their unique vision.


Whether you`re looking to advance in your career and become the best version of yourself, I can help you get there. With my proven method and personalized approach,
I`ll help you unlock your full potential and achieve your career goals with purpose and


If you`re ready for change and committed to making it happen, let`s connect!

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